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The Tiaki Promise

Tiaki Care for New Zealand was created through a collective desire to share a connection to the natural world, inspiring and helping visitors to travel safely and conscientiously.


Matuka Lodge is proud to support the Tourism Sustainability Commitment, working towards twelve Commitments across the four elements of tourism sustainability: Economic, Visitor, Community and Environment.


We are devoted to the protection and enhancement of our natural environment through restoring nature, committing to carbon reduction and eliminating waste across the Lodge. Since humans first set foot on New Zealand, the native forests have reduced by 70% while native bird species have been reduced by 30%.

To further contribute to the protection and restoration of New Zealand’s natural environment and biodiversity, we are proud to partner with the our Owners with a goal to plant one tree for every booking on their sheep and beef farm.
Matuka Lodge has an ongoing commitment to the environment to reduce our waste, water usage and carbon footprint.

Our stunning alpine setting and rural environment are an essential part of what attracts visitors to Matuka, so it’s not surprising that preserving it for future generations is foremost in our thoughts.

Matuka works hard to support our natural environment by undertaking a number of actions and making smart choices. We recognise the importance of taking these steps to achieve the best environmental performance possible whilst maintaining our luxury product; which we recognise sometimes do not naturally coexist.


We strive to continue achieving economic sustainability by focusing on longterm financial performance and resilience, investing to create value and opportunities, and embracing innovation to problem solve.


Matuka strives to build positive relationships with local community by engaging and supporting a number of local organisations, sporting groups and charities and people within the district.
We support the community by creating a rewarding work environment for our team, engaging with the local community through partnerships and volunteer days, and committing to environmentally and socially sustainable supply chains.


Our Lodge Manager and team create worldleading experiences that exceed visitor expectations by embracing New Zealand’s culture and heritage, engaging with our visitors, and developing innovative experiences unique to our area.